A Couple of Amazing Documentaries

Here's what's on my viewing list for this week... Hoping to find some inspiration and motivation to keep going when you start feeling like this creative block is getting the better of you.

"Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (2015), dir. by Daniel Raim

"Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (2015), dir. by Daniel Raim

"Face Places" (2017), dir. by JR, Agnes Varda

"Face Places" (2017), dir. by JR, Agnes Varda

Really looking forward to sitting down with a cup of coffee and watching artists at work.

The Jinimalists

A couple of years ago, Michelle and I got wind of a movement (that is still going strong today) that combined social & environmental responsibility that sought to clarify and purify the way we live.

Modern society can be so alienating, so lonesome, even with so much stuff that seemingly would connect us to a larger world. Minimalism seeks to reel that back in to a more soul-satisfying way of living.

It's been two years. We've succeeded some, we've failed some. Might be time for an update.

Product Reviews

One of the projects that has nearly all of my attention lately has been SIXOFOUR LIFE. We're trying to focus our marketing to work towards a more uniform presentation to the world around us.

With those efforts in mind, it's great to read about something near and dear to my heart from someone else's perspective. All of the insecurities that sit at the top of your mind when you finally release a product into the wild become less heavy to bear when you see that what you're trying to do is resonating with someone outside of you.

Click on the photo to read their entire review. 

photo by @twobrokewatchsnobs

photo by @twobrokewatchsnobs

When Life Goes Sideways

I watched this movie only last year after hearing so many good things about it. I loved it but it also really freaked me out. Obviously it hit too close to home so I did what I've always done when looking in the mirror -- I turned away.

But then I came across this amazing little video tonight... Ryan Hollinger elucidates a feeling and a frustration I've had for so damn long.

Sometimes the universe speaks to you in loud, clear words. Tonight was one of those times.

One letter away.


do you remember growing up talking about the meaning of colour?

in particular, as it pertains to personality traits?

i used to love the colour purple. this was obviously in the days before barney the dinosaur. i'd go out of my way to have something purple on me every chance i had. i think this came from my unholy love of grape crush/fanta in all of its lovely forms: drinks, popsicles, bubble gum, candy, fruit leathers, etc. i just couldn't get enough.

then in high school, when these things actually mean the most of any time in a person's life, someone told me that the colour purple was the colour of an unstable mind. that sociopaths love the colour purple. it may have been in jest...  i have no idea. i actually don't remember anymore who told me that. it may have been my grade 9 crush, erica.

anyway... i stopped wearing purple after that. to this day, i can't see someone wearing purple without having that same conversation play in my head.

but i love purple. or in this case, ultra violet. just one letter away from how anthony burgess would describe the teenage pasttime of a future gone awry. just one letter. away.

2017 has been a strange year. it continues towards an end that i hope doesn't happen -- division in all of its most nasty forms: war, poverty, famine, racism... all brought to bear on the poorest of the poor by the richest of the rich. we're not very far away from a dark, dystopian reality. i was hoping for a more beautiful, unified, "Star Trek" kind of reality.

so it feels like this colour really does aptly describe the world in which we live. it's not the description Pantone™ uses as their reason for picking Ultra Violet but for me, it does. we're really only one letter away from chaos.

finite beings in an infinite universe


A few years ago, one of my best friends started a project that seemed like something he was born to do... he wrote and produced a podcast called The Black Tapes. It was the perfect expression of what he's been doing his whole life: telling scary stories and making our skin crawl.

Tomorrow, on Hallowe'en, Paul Bae launches his first solo podcast, The Big Loop, and I've had the great pleasure and opportunity to be the sound engineer on it. 

I've listened to a number of great podcasts over the past year just preparing for this next step in Paul's career as a storyteller and I'm not exaggerating when I write that The Big Loop is as great, if not better than the rest. There's great intimacy, humour and more than a universe's share of heart -- all things that makes Paul who he is.

I encourage you go and listen. It launches at 00:00, Hallowe'en 2017.

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i started to write my "about" section and it occurred to me that it would make a great blog post. killing two birds with one stone and the weekend a few hours away!

"... you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something..."

When I first heard Steve Jobs say those words at the 2005 Stanford University commencement I was floored. It was one of those moments when someone says something you've always felt but just couldn't put into words... at least not in words as eloquent and insightful as those words were.

Four years later, I left a job I had been at for nearly ten years for an opportunity that resonated with the deepest part of my soul. I moved to LA and began a second life full of promise and uncertainty. Part of that uncertainty was moving back to Vancouver after only four months.

I would be lying to you if I said that everything since then has been amazing. It's been tough on my family, tough on my children and tough on my psyche that got used to a steady income. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've met some amazing people, worked with some of the world's greatest talents, seen the world and found a new perspective on the world.

Trusting your heart is full of deep, dark nights of the soul. It's also full of restoration, light and beautiful moments of synchronicity with the universe. I'll take it: the good with the bad; the yin and the yang.

Today, I'm here. Tomorrow, there. If you want to travel together, reach out. I can't promise perfection but I can promise my whole heart.



20 Years Ago, Starship Troopers Showed Us What Happens When Fascism Wins

i remember watching this movie 20 years ago and thinking that i had just seen paul verhoeven’s idea of what a post-democratic future might look like.

sure, the ultra-violence (dead people looking like squashed bugs) and the propaganda-style were clearly obvious but what really intrigued me was the idea of having to earn your citizenship.

most people i spoke with looked at me like i was delusional when i said “post-democratic future” but the events of the past few months have got me thinking again. and nowadays, i’m not the only one.