JFK & the Internet

The anniversary date of the assassination of JFK is next week and in an odd/timely convergence, I saw a couple of stories today that gives the world a fresh POV on the tragic event.

TIME magazine’s Lightbox published some never-before-seen photographs of the moments just prior to the actual assassination by an amateur photographer in Dallas. It’s eerie, amazing and a wonder to see such a fresh perspective of probably one of the most over-analyzed historical events.

The second story comes from Gizmodo (via BoingBoing) where a YouTube user has painstakingly stabilized the famous Zapruder 8mm film of the assassination. It’s weird & frankly a lot unnerving seeing it as if it was done by a professional camera on a tripod.

When technology can show historical events in a new light, I’m all for it but this was still shocking seeing it without the uncertainty of the original, naturally unsteady footage.