Light Column by Steve Jin


The Roundhouse in Vancouver catching and reflecting a column of morning light. Love the added texture of speckled sunshine on the red bricks & concrete paths (that replaced the rail tracks).

Modern Hutong by Steve Jin

modhutong_full_8bit 20x13.png

You don't even realize it when you've lost a memory but when you are reminded of it again, all of the emotions come flooding back to you. It can be almost like that first time — which is why we like to reminisce I guess. This place had a nice vibe but my overriding memory was how, after three weeks, even the best hotels start to feel less like dream accomodations and more like one of those neverending dreams with a dark twist at the end. It was nice to get home.

Spectacular by Steve Jin

 vancouver, canada \\ red sky night

The sunsets in Vancouver are actually quite spectacular. This particular evening, everything told me to stop what I was doing and just watch. Red lights all the way down the street, red sky dominating the view. It always feels otherworldly seeing scenes like this and I was so glad to have had the great fortune to have witnessed it.

Most Peaceful by Steve Jin

 ninh binh, vietnam \\ skiff life

I thought I dreamt of a life I didn't know I could live, a world I didn't know existed, a time I didn't think would end.

Then it all happened and then it all ended -- I'd be a fool to think it would last forever. But I'd be a greater fool to think that that was the end forever.

Sea and Sky by Steve Jin


This is a view I see about once a year — Vancouver is that person you've always known and grew up with but one day you see her/him from another perspective and their beauty takes your breath away.

Time to Die by Steve Jin


The most impactful scene in the most impactful movie of this little 13yr old's fragile mind.... See you off the shoulder of Orion Mr. Hauer.

Inbetween by Steve Jin

Blue hour in the Rain City.

What do you prefer more, sunrise or sunset?

With the sunrise comes hope, potential, opportunity.

With the sunset, it’s accomplishment, rest, reflection.

Well, obviously we need both. There’s no accomplishment without opportunity, no rest without potential, no reflection without hope.

And we do all of our living in between — which is why life seems like a Sisyphean task at times but we have to move forward. Up, down, it doesn’t matter. Just move forward.

Enigma by Steve Jin


Vancouver has always been an enigma to me... it never feels like home but it is in fact, my home. It's always felt like a place to end up and but never a place to start anything. I guess it's why they call it Lotus Land. We eat of its fruit and enjoy its numbing effects; and slowly but surely that thing that seems to shield you from the world eats you from the inside out.

Is it ever too late? Maybe not. But is it always time to move forward? Probably, yeah.

A Couple of Amazing Documentaries by Steve Jin

Here's what's on my viewing list for this week... Hoping to find some inspiration and motivation to keep going when you start feeling like this creative block is getting the better of you.

"Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (2015), dir. by Daniel Raim

"Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (2015), dir. by Daniel Raim

"Face Places" (2017), dir. by JR, Agnes Varda

"Face Places" (2017), dir. by JR, Agnes Varda

Really looking forward to sitting down with a cup of coffee and watching artists at work.

The Jinimalists by Steve Jin

A couple of years ago, Michelle and I got wind of a movement (that is still going strong today) that combined social & environmental responsibility that sought to clarify and purify the way we live.

Modern society can be so alienating, so lonesome, even with so much stuff that seemingly would connect us to a larger world. Minimalism seeks to reel that back in to a more soul-satisfying way of living.

It's been two years. We've succeeded some, we've failed some. Might be time for an update.