A brief, illustrated history of Blockbuster, which is closing the last of its US stores / by Steve Jin

Lately I’ve been coming face to face with a lot of “when I was your age” kinds of situations, i.e. What I’ve been telling my kids:

  1. When I was your age, I could play in the playground with my friends without having an adult around. In fact, I could hang out with a guy named Capt. Purple with all the other kids and no one batted an eye.
  2. When I was your age, there were no such things as fun/bite-sized chocolates. All we got for Hallowe’en was no-name hard candies, orange & black salt-water taffy, little baggies of popcorn and sometimes if we were really unlucky, apples. We actually got apples this one time!

And just the other day, I had this beauty:

“When I was your age, if I missed a TV show, I missed it for good! There was no rewind, no PVR, no Plex, no Netflix, nothing! We actually had to walk to the video store and rent tapes!”

So it made me sad today to learn that Blockbuster was finally closing all it’s stores. It was the source of my entertainment for so many years, Blockbuster was virtually family:

Blockbuster is paying the ultimate late penalty. The remnants of the once-ubiquitous US video rental chain, now a subsidiary of Dish Network Corp., will shut its roughly 300 US retail stores as well as close its by-mail DVD distribution business. A reported 2,800 employees will lose their jobs. It’s notable…

It’s a memory my kids won’t have: Spending hours going up and down the aisle looking for a fun movie to watch. Picking up a pizza on the way home. Trying not to be late with the return the next day. Man, when we wasted time, we wasted it with purpose.