Canada's Tar Sands Oil Boom Yields Toxic Wastewater Lakes / by Steve Jin

This is the bald-faced endgame for oil companies exploiting the tar sands in Alberta, Saskatchewan & I’ll bet, soon in British Columbia. What’s their plan exactly? Here it is:

To tackle the problem, energy companies have drawn up plans that would transform northern Alberta into the largest man-made lake district on earth. Several have obtained permission from provincial authorities to flood abandoned tar sand mines with a mix of tailings and fresh water.

Transform northern Alberta into the largest man-mad lake district on earth. These companies want to take land already polluted by their frakking and mining practices and fill up the giant holes they made with even more toxic wastewater and Business Week has the temerity to call it a plan for a man-made lake district?!

Journalistic integrity at Business Week is an afterthought at best, it seems. When you call the practice of creating lakes full of deadly chemicals that seep into the environment around it for generations to come a man-made lake district, your time as the fifth estate is over. There’s no integrity there. Jeremy van Loon, the writer of the piece and his editor need to revisit their wording AT THE VERY LEAST. What they’ve published is a preposterous piece of waste and should join the rest of the toxic garbage in Base Mine Lake.

And I’m writing into the wind.