This Dope Music Video Was Shot With an iPhone and a Weird Lens Adapter / by Steve Jin

I’ve heard lots about SLR adapters for the iPhone but I didn’t think that it would ever end in results like this. On top of being completely impressed, I’m suddenly and overwhelmingly of the mind that I need to have a go at this kind of rig.

From the Gizmodo article:

The video for Leverage Models’ new single, “Sweep,” is a total heart-stopper. The slow-motion footage and shallow depth-of-field perfectly matches the song’s billowy dance rhythm. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and it might surprise you to learn that it was shot on the absolute cheap for less than $500. No fancy video cameras here—just a couple of iPhones an a snazzy lens adapter.

Everyday, something new about the world and how we share information with each other. It’s stories like this that make me wish I could really live forever.